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Should I blog??

I've been wondering if I should start blogging again on here I don't have many friends on lj and apart from Anna and celeste I don't really read any other journals also lj seems to have changed a lot in about four years since I used it how do you go about getting more people to read it and letting people know that you have updated? Or are their other blogs that are better out there?
I have just made the biggest, fluffist, lightest, scones ever. Filled them with jam and clotted cream, man oh man, better than shop bought. honestly!! will have to make more.

small update

Ok, as i seem to be getting a bit of spare time swith evenings looking a bit better with bedtime and with school started, Robyn started Reception this year and can't wait to get there every morning, she loves it so much, Zack is still getting 3 mornings at nursery so it's just me and Ben for some of the time which is great as we get to know each other without the others. plus the peace and quiet is nice, the other 2 are so noisy i never realised.

Anyway, i still don't seem to be able to articulate very well here, i seem to have a million things going on in my mind at once. Eveything seem to be a struggle, the house work, the kids, even looking after myself. I feel like i am slowing getting back on top of it, the washing is never ending however!!
I manage to get 20 minutes or so once or twice a week and i check on line, but always seem to be missing something, so sorry if i am a bit behind, and the comments are non existant lately. sorry.

Oh and my big news is.... i'm pregnant again... it's a boy due in January. yes i am totally out of my head to add another one to this lot, but its a bit late now. so now you all know, theres not many that don't i seem to be the size of a house lately and very uncomfortable.

must go need to wake zack as he is asleep and shouldn't be. :)

not well

the boys aren't well. they are both snotty and have a high temp, they have a viral infection according to the doc (who i sat and waited for 1 hour 30 mins to see on Friday and i had an appoinment!!) but i got calpol and nurofen so i have a large supply now. they are both whingy and clingy and it can be hard as they both want me. they seem to be generally ok during the day, only slightly worse around nap times when they are really tired but come about 5pm and zack especailly seems to have a meltdown at the slightest thing. bless him, i hate seeing them not well. So far Robyn seems to have escaped it, but i am sure it's only a matter of time before she gets something also.

In other news about Ben, i orginally took him to the doc to ask about his legs, as i was getting no where with the HV, he has been walking now for nearly 2 months and we have noticed that his legs were getting more and more bent and i was worried about him being bow legged, the doc has referred him and he has an appoinment in April. he curls his little toe under when he walks and it's all dried and cracked and looks sore but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it, however it looks like his knee is slightly twisted and up his leg to his hip. I have no idea what they can do for him, i am dreading the worst that he will have to have his leg broken and reset, i have no idea what is usually done in these situations, i have never come across it before. I guess i will just have to wait and see.

Zacks speech therapist seems to think that he is growing out of his stutter, as he vocabulary is increasing and he doesn't do it as much any more, and strangely enough doens't do it at all at creche as they had no idea he had a stutter when i mentioned it to them the other day. the speech therapis seems to think that it may also be that at home he doesn't quite know where he fits in, is he the baby or the big boy? he doesn't want to let go of being the baby, but he's not quite ready to be a big big boy, but at creche he knows his place and the structure and routine are fixed and he needs that which he can't get at home, not to the same degree. So we will just have to wait and see.

Have so much more to write but my nose is dripping (tmi sorry) and i am shattered so i am off to bed.

washing machine

i have a technical household question. My washer stinks. LOL!! literally. I open the door to get my washing out and it stinks, the washing doesn't smell i can still smell the fabric softner on it, but the washer drum itself smells. does anyone know why and what i can do to stop it? Its very rarely empty, there are wet clothes left in over night most nights, but never more than over night, ( i wash about 3 times a day with my lot) in the last few months i have been using fairy liquid tabs (were on offer) and they go right into the washer drum, as usually i use lose powder and i have never had this stink before.

any ideas?
not feeling too great at the mo, update from other day will have to wait, i have 3 children that are really pushing bed time and one (Ben) that won't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. grrr.
PMT is really bad this month, (as was last month) any tips on what i can do to not want to jump down everyones throat just for breathing? :)


had a funny ol' day today, i really need to write about it, it was a good day and bad day. It's definatley been a busy day.
so this is just a note to remind me to write about it.
I want to write about -
Zack being naughty,
bus trips
speech therapy
red eyes
new shoes
half term

probably more thats all for now. I'll try and write it up tommorow or Saturday as tomorrow is going to be a busy day also....


I know i have sort of asked this before when asking what i could give the kids for their dinner that was quick and easy, now i am asking for ideas of what i can give Ben, he is off nearly everything at the moment, due to illness and teething, and he is only 10 months, so i was wondering what i could give him that preferably he could feed himself as he hates being fed all the time, but i need him to be relatively mess free as i have to dash out to nursery after dinner. at the mo he just have ham and cheese on bread in small cubes, but he gets bored of the same thing over and over again, not like the other 2. he doesn't like soup either.

So any ideas?

Feb. 5th, 2007

Well i did it. I think. They are all in bed, if they stay there all night is another question. It was tough though. Ben decided to scream all the way through tea time and wouldn't eat anything other than a few spoonfulls ( i made chicken and veg dinner) he has eaten hardly anything all day. I explained to the kids that daddy was at work still and would be back in the morning and that we could do things differently tonight. I said i would go in the bath with them, which they loved. As i got in i noticed Ben was covered in a rash and spots, which will probably account for his lack of appette and screaming earlier. I managed to play abit in the bath then get out and look at the bay book on illnesses whilst sitting on the loo watching the kids in the bath. Looks like he may have chicken pox or measles. Will have to wait and see if they scab over. Don't really know what to do. Anyway, i got them bathed and ready and Ben had his bottle and was asleep in his cot by 7.20pm a record, as it's usually about 7.30pm when he gets his bottle. I read the other 2 a story in my bed and took Zack into his bed and he was an angel (for a change) and went to sleep, Robyn had her story and went to bed with little fuss, and then by 8.30pm Ben was awake again and screaming and eventually i gave up and took him downstairs as he wasn't going to sleep in my bed. He fussed a lot and cried and couldn't get comfortable in the sofa or me, but eventually he settled himself and went to sleep and i got him back in his cot at about 9.40pm.yay me.
Was just interupted to take Robyn back to bed, it's not like her to get up this early if at all, but she isn't well and that is when she is up and down all night crying. So i think i am going to have an interesting night between the 3 of them. Robert won't be home until about 2am by then we could all be up. Plus i have a really bad headache. - just put robyn back to bed again. 40 minutes for myself all day. ...roll on tomorrow.

bad to worse

Well as if today wasn't going bad enough Robert has just dropped another bomshell.

Ben hasn't been well since Friday and has a viral infection but the dr wouldn't give him anything, so we have been dealing with a hot and bothered baby who refuses to eat and vomits his bottles all weekend. He does thankfully seem to be coming round a bit although still refusing to eat and still really really clingy. To top it off Zack woke this morning at 2am (the first time in about 2 months that Ben has actually slept through well till 5am anyway) so Zack was screaming and came in our bed. Ben woke at 5am and screamed and we had to move Zack back to his bed as there isn't room for them all, Zack woke up and i managed to ignore him for a while but by 6am he still wasn't asleep and so i got up with him anc came downstairs. Oh i also forgot to add that at 11pm last night Robyn woke up coughing and threw up all over her bed and we got her to the bathroom and she threw up all over that so i had that to clean. So been up since 6am and had Zack jumping all over me, clearly tired and not well himself and being really naughty and silly which he is when not well and also very clingy. Robyn isn't too good today and is crying at the slightest thing and is a little clingy but not much. SO had a horrible morning with cring whiney kids also have a headache myself and sore neck from lying funny and just as i was about to get back from nursery to see Robert and have a cry and a moan he phones me to say that he has been called back off his dinner and had to go back to work, so that annoyed me, then about 30 minutes later as i was trying desperatley to get Ben to sleep he calls to say that he has to go away tonight with work, drive 5 hours there and hand deliver some important documents and then drive back (he had the option to sleep over but said no) so i now have all 3 kids to look after and not baths and bed on my own which i have never done and it usually takes the two of us as we keep Ben seperate from Zack until they are asleep but Ben is fed and then falls asleep on our knee. *big sigh* yes i am feeling sorry for myself. I will probably still be fighting with them to get to sleep at about 10pm and then crawl into bed myself and then Ben will wake up. yay another night of broken/little sleep.

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